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International Accountancy

MIDTERM EXAM - Intern. Acc.
Fordham Credit & Banking
Baruch FIN 3710
Baruch FIN 4710
CAPS International Accountancy
Baruch Exec. MS FIN 9793
Baruch CAPS - Corp. Fin.
Baruch CAPS - Debt & Fixed Income
Baruch CAPS - Derivatives
Baruch CAPS - Inv. Banking
FDU Managing Fin. Systems
FDU Quantitative Analysis
FDU / Wyndam New Venture Mgmt
FDU Business Statistics
Seton Hall - Derivatives
Banking & Finance Lectures
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International Accountancy - Syllabus

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Assigned Chapters




Assigned Lectures


Comparative International Accounting Presentation - Report by E&Y

  • Inventory Cost Analysis & Write-downs
  • Developmet Costs

Inventory & Develpment Costs


Assigned Spreadsheets


Financial Analysis

Celerity Technology Case Study

Transaction Sources & Uses

Cost of Inventory Analysis

Example of Cost Analysis (T-Shirt Co.)

Development Costs




Mid-term Exam


Final Exam

Homework Assignments


Due #1

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Reading Assignments


Project Assigments